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Jeremy Allison jallison at
Thu May 14 20:55:41 GMT 1998

Mike Black wrote:
> 98/05/14 - Got the latest CVS tree [Samba 1.9.19-prealpha] -- just a few
> changes to the smb.conf file and I can now see a new domain created.  I can
> browse to it and connect to the shares just fine.
> However, trying to change an NT workstation to the new domain is not passing
> the password validation.
> Machine is "HOLLAND".  I added "HOLLAND$" to /etc/passwd and did
> "smbpasswd -a $HOLLAND holland" according to the docs.  But, the trust
> account fails during the domain name change:

Ah - that's your error. You added HOLLAND$ as a *user* account, not
a machine account. Remove the account and re-add with

smbpasswd -a -m HOLLAND

You shouldn't need the password when adding a machine account.

> My passwd entry looks like:
> HOLLAND$:8ApCAEEUAML2Y:2000:105:Don Holland::/bin/true

You shouldn't have a UNIX password for this account - it
should be set to be disabled.

> And the resultant smbpasswd like:
> HOLLAND$:2000:32D2A6922D8E51ADAAD3B435B51404EE:C74E64C545603C8081B7502B42B41
> 87E:[U]:LCT-355B00C4:

The [U] in the above shows it's a user account. It should
say [W] for a machine account ('Workstation trust account').

Hope this helps,


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