Kevin Currie x7currie at lab2.cc.wmich.edu
Thu May 14 21:46:27 GMT 1998

> I have binaries from May 5, and they updates are working.  Can someone
> confirm that updates are not working for them?  And send me specifics on
> the [netlogon] share from smb.conf as well as global settings, and the
> case of the ntconfig.pol file?  I am going to check out the latest code
> and see what happens.

	Okay, I had a problem with code from last Thursday (05/07).  As
soon as I got a new source tree (from yesterday [05/12]) things started
working again, so it was definately a samba problem.  The case of the file
was/is NTConfig.POL, and you really don't want the setup of my netlogon as
it is quite complicated.  However, when policies were broke, login scripts
were still working.


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