Tony aap at
Thu May 14 17:30:45 GMT 1998

We are trying to have a UNIX machine print via a shared printer on an NT
4.0 Workstation.  The catch being the printer is attached to a NOVELL
4.11 Server which communicates with the NT using the IPX/SPX protocol

Here is a more in-depth look at the problem:
Using smbclient we connect to the NT and try to print via the shared
printer using:

 /usr/local/bin/smbclient \\\\$NT\\$Printer $passwd -U $user -P

which connects and gives the smb:\> prompt.  Here is the following steps
we use and the results:

smb: \> translate
CR/LF<->LF and print text translation now on
smb: \> print <file>
ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.) opening printer for <file>
smb: \>quit

Since the NT can print without any problems, our thinking is the problem
lies in the changeover in protocols...


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