Problems with ntdom

Chris Bray cbray at
Tue May 12 15:23:16 GMT 1998

So, I've been running the samba pdc code on my Sparc5 (Solaris 2.6)
without any problems for quite a while, had several machines connected
up as part of the domains, roaming profiles, etc, worked
great...even made an almost daily ritual of updating my source tree
from the main cvs tree as well...

But starting late yesterday (after updating my code), everything
stopped working.  It compiled fine, but I don't show up in the network
neighborhood, my nt workstation won't log in properly (uses locally
cached profile instead of the roaming one), and I can't find the computer
on the network neighborhood anymore (from multiple machines).

I updated the code again today via cvs, recompiled and same thing.
My conf files haven't changed, nor have my starting scripts.

Has anybody else experienced any similar problems?

My log.nmb file says that it starts, it's the master browser, etc.

I just can't mount any drives, or log in...


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