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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon May 11 14:36:02 GMT 1998

Kevin Currie wrote:
> Here's the setup:
> We have samba running, and by and large working nicely, as a PDC
> on a box which we are not allowing login's to.  We're working on some
> password sync solutions (for Solaris 2.5.1) and are finding that from
> remote Sun stations, smbpasswd will not update a users password.  It 
> seems to be wanting to talk to (one of the) samba daemons.  Do we have 
> to install samba on every workstation we have to do this?
>         What are some of the password sync solutions other people have
> been working on?  I've seen some stuff here but have been unable to
> duplicate it.  We want users to be able to change their (unix and
> smb) passwords from a unix prompt with one command (we're using NIS+).
> The ability to change the passwords from NT stations is completely
> secondary to this.


You should dig through the list archives for some existing solutions to
this.  There have been several threads recently ( within the past month
or so ).

What we do is an extension of our normal passwd change procedure.  We
run a mixture of SunOS4 / Solaris 2.5[& 6] in a NIS / NIS+ environment.  
A password client contacts a server process running on the NIS master
which performs a yppasswd on the plain text password.  If successful,
the new passwd is sent to a process running our our secured samba pdc
which will update the smbpasswd entry ( or add it if neccessary ) for
the user.  Some thing like this...

	pwclient -> NISpasswd -> SMBpasswd

You are correct in that smbpasswd requires the smbpasswd file to be a
local ( or appear that way via nfs ) file.

Hope this helps,
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