smbpasswd questions

Kevin Currie x7currie at
Mon May 11 12:35:44 GMT 1998

Here's the setup:
	We have samba running, and by and large working nicely, as a PDC
on a box which we are not allowing login's to.  We're working on some
password sync solutions (for Solaris 2.5.1) and are finding that from
remote Sun stations, smbpasswd will not update a users password.  It seems
to be wanting to talk to (one of the) samba daemons.  Do we have to
install samba on every workstation we have to do this?
	What are some of the password sync solutions other people have
been working on?  I've seen some stuff here but have been unable to
duplicate it.  We want users to be able to change their (unix and 
smb) passwords from a unix prompt with one command (we're using NIS+).
The ability to change the passwords from NT stations is completely
secondary to this.

Kevin Currie

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