A few oddball things

Tavis Barr tavis at mahler.econ.columbia.edu
Fri May 8 01:54:49 GMT 1998

I'm having a few problems and I'm wondering if anyone has answers:

(1) I've had some odd things happen with the CVS update from last 
weekend.  First, when I run smbclient, I get 

Domain=[AMNESIA] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 1.9.18p3]

Is the latest main branch update based on p3 rather than p4, or why does 
it list this?

(2) The smbclient doesn't seem to work, and so I'm stuck with the 
smbclient from the p4 release.  When I try to use smbclient against a 
remote Samba server running 1.9.18p4 that's set as a BDC, I get the 
following message:

failed session setup
client_init: connection failed
warning: connection could not be established to mahler.econ.columbia.edu<20>
this version of smbclient may crash if you proceed

However the 1.9.18p4 version of smbclient works fine.

(3) Samba does not want to browse across IP subnets, even when all 
machines are on the same router and NT machines have no trouble seeing 
each other.  Is this normal?


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