Version Confusion

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon May 4 13:45:48 GMT 1998

Tavis Barr wrote:
> (1) There was a message a short while back that the BRANCH_NTDOM code 
> has been integrated into the main branch.  I have 1.9.18.p4 running, 
> but this version does not recognize the "domain sid" parameter, and NT
> workstations cannot find it as a domain controller, so I assume the
> support is not included in this version.  Is there a pre-alpha of the
> main branch code that has this support built in, or will I still have 
> to download the BRANCH_NTDOM code?

Download the main branch via CVS.  The current distributed version 
( 1.9.18p4 ) does not have the PDC support.

> (2) I extracted the NTDOM code using cvs and the instructions in the 
> file CVS_ACCESS.txt in the docs section of the 1.9.18p4 release (by 
> the way,
> these are different from the instructions in the faq at
> and the former seem to be the correct instructions; the latter seem to
> describe how to update the main branch code).

The on-line FAQ is correct.  Current and future development of the NTDOM
code will be in the main branch. BRANCH_NTDOM exists only for

>From the on-line FAQ....

BRANCH_NTDOM is currently being merged into the main samba cvs 
distribution.   Development os the BRANCH_NTDOM code will be 
discontinued shortly.  This **does not** mean the development 
of the Samba PDC code will be discontinued.  Future development 
will take place directly into the main samba branch.

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