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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri May 1 13:07:36 GMT 1998

mathewss at wrote:
>  I finaly had time to move from BRANCH_NTDOM to
> the main branch and im now running 1.9.19-preaplha
>  I can get usermgr/server mgr to run now..
> but inside of usermgr i get some strange data..
>  I end up with a unprintable character after
> each user name? 

No idea on this one.  I've seen it before in earlier release 
but have no answer.

> also i just tested the
> smbpasswd -a -m TEST
> and it tells me this
> User "TEST$" was not found in system password file.

Jeremy has made it neccessary to add the mahcine name to the 
passwd file in order for smbpasswd to add the machine.  This
for future use.  

>  anyway im sure i missed something but not sure
> where to begin now :( i was doing ok with NTDOMAIN
> CVS but now it seems i need to catch up on the
> quirks of the main alpha branch..

As fast as Luke, Jeremey and all the other guys are coding, 
kind of hard for all of us :)

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