User Manager for Domains

mathewss at mathewss at
Fri May 1 07:43:45 GMT 1998

 I finaly had time to move from BRANCH_NTDOM to
the main branch and im now running 1.9.19-preaplha

 I can get usermgr/server mgr to run now..
but inside of usermgr i get some strange data..

 I end up with a unprintable character after
each user name? also i just tested the 
smbpasswd -a -m TEST 
and it tells me this
User "TEST$" was not found in system password file.

 anyway im sure i missed something but not sure
where to begin now :( i was doing ok with NTDOMAIN
CVS but now it seems i need to catch up on the
quirks of the main alpha branch..

 Sean M.

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