Solaris Samba-Server with NT-Clients

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Mar 27 14:58:54 GMT 1998

Liston Bias wrote:
> It is my believe that to perform Samba Authentication and remote
> profiles, you have to invest in maintaining two password files (NIS and
> Samba). This is easy to maintain once it is setup, but setting it up for
> the first time seems like a pain since users will have to retype their
> password for us to create the Samba Password.  There is no way to
> convert an NIS password to Samba as there should not be.

You are correct.  What we are doing is making the user chanmge their
password from a Sun which will probpagate the clear text password to the
NIS passwd files and smbpasswd.

> We have a couple hundred PC's here at the College of Engineering.  We
> run NT on nearly all and have refused to get a NT Server.

Congratulations!   :-)

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