Solaris Samba-Server with NT-Clients

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Fri Mar 27 14:22:44 GMT 1998

On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, Frank Berger wrote:
> Is it possible, to have the Solaris server (Samba) do the authentification
> of users logging on to an NT-client ?

Please let me know if you get any replies to this query.  We are looking
to move to Samba authentication on Solaris Server, but have not had the
time to really look into it.  We currently use NISGina to authenticate via
NIS and then have perl scripts customize the default profile for current
user.  It works well for our purposes right now, but we are always look to
move forward.

It is my believe that to perform Samba Authentication and remote profiles,
you have to invest in maintaining two password files (NIS and Samba). 
This is easy to maintain once it is setup, but setting it up for the first
time seems like a pain since users will have to retype their password for
us to create the Samba Password.  There is no way to convert an NIS
password to Samba as there should not be. 

We have a couple hundred PC's here at the College of Engineering.  We run
NT on nearly all and have refused to get a NT Server.


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