lookups in smbpasswd file

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Mar 4 17:08:01 GMT 1998

Greetings once again...

I have a question regarding lookups in smbpasswd.  From the code, the
smbpasswd utility does these line by line and I am assuming that the
other code does the same thing.  

Preparing for deploying NT / Samba PDC in a public lab in a couple of
months, I am cautious as to the limits on the number of entries without
taking a performance hit.  We currently have about 6,000 active accounts
and while not all of the would be used in the lab, they would need to be
accessible.  Also would have to consider all the machine accounts as

Could someone send me information on the largest number of entries they
have been able to support?

If this is a limitation, a possible solution would be to keep the
standard smbpasswd file  but translate it to a DBM hash ( *.dir & *.pag
files ) similiar to NIS maps.  Smbpasswd could be modified to interface
directly iwith the DBM files.  Also add an option to dump the map to a
flat ASCII file.

Thoughts / comments?

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