Login Failures

Celso Kopp Webber webber at sj.univali.rct-sc.br
Mon Mar 2 15:09:15 GMT 1998

Hi all,

	I'm trying samba-1.9.18p3 with NTDOMAIN support, and I could
make NT Workstation 4.0 say "Welcome to SAMBA domain!". In the
NTDOMAIN.txt doc, Luke says that in an alpha version of 1.9.18 he
added the feature to automatically create an account for a computer
in the domain. Well, I could only make it work adding the computer
account in /etc/smbpasswd by hand.

	After that, I could make NT 4.0 join the domain. When
rebooted, when I tried to login as a regular user present in 
/etc/smbpasswd, NT showed a message that it could not login the user
because the computer account in the PDC was not OK.

	Anyone could know anything about this?

	Thanks in advance,


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