Authentication of NT users on a LINUX Workstation

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Jun 16 15:43:37 GMT 1998

Frederic LENS wrote:
> One thing I didn't quite understand : I read in a doc somehere that
> I had to use smbpasswd to add my workstation to the domain (to create
> the SID and UID numbers). The command was : smbpasswd -j <NT-Domain>,
> yet smbpasswd tells me that the -j parameter is unknown... After a
> second download of the samba source code (using CVS, asking for the
> BRANCH_NTDOM release), and a successfull compilation, it **still**
> didn't work..

You should ask for the main ( head ) branch source code.  BRANCH_NTDOM
is dead.  See question 2.1 in the FAQ.

[Question 6.1] Also the smbpasswd -j <NTDOMAIN> is used in conjunction
with th new "security = domain" option not yet available in the main
distribution.  It's in testing stages.  See the NT Domain FAQ for more
information.  It's linked off the main samba site.

Someone else will have to respond to the PAM questions.

Hope this helps,
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