Authentication of NT users on a LINUX Workstation

Frederic LENS lens at
Tue Jun 16 14:52:11 GMT 1998

    Hello all !

    Basically, here is what our school wants to do : we want to be able
to use NT Authentication services on LINUX Workstations.

    Ok, great, here is what we've done so far :

* I've installed REDHAT 5.1 on two Linux Workstations
* Downloaded, compiled, and configured the latest SAMBA release,
* Downloaded, compiled, and configured the PAM_NTDOM authentication
module (adding a line for it to /etc/pam.d/login file)

    The trouble is, it won't work ! I double checked the config file,
and it won't work. Basically, we've got to authenticate against one well
known NT Domain. The Linux Workstation has been added to it, yet it
refuses to work..

    One thing I didn't quite understand : I read in a doc somehere that
I had to use smbpasswd to add my workstation to the domain (to create
the SID and UID numbers). The command was : smbpasswd -j <NT-Domain>,
yet smbpasswd tells me that the -j parameter is unknown... After a
second download of the samba source code (using CVS, asking for the
BRANCH_NTDOM release), and a successfull compilation, it **still**
didn't work..

    What am I doign wrong ??

    Some help would be really appreciated !

    Thanks in advance,

<< Frédéric LENS >>
Student engineer in Telecomunications

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