domain admin users and roaming profiles

secret secret at
Thu Jul 30 14:05:06 GMT 1998

Michel Christaller wrote:

> Hello,
> I have met a "bug", I think:
> when using roaming profiles, and a domain admin
> users list, profiles a used as they are to be with
> normal users, but all domain admin users take only
> one profile (that of the first domain admin user
> logging on the station). When I log with another
> domain admin user, his profile is not downloaded,
> and when putting icons on desk, they are stored
> in the first (domain admin) user's desk directory.
> I use a pretty outdated cvs snapshot, so maybe
> this is due to using the same SID for all domain
> admin users (??). If so, will it be the same with
> the new mechanism not using a unique SID?

    It was suggested to use "domain admin group = ..,..,..." instead of
domain admin user, and was also mentioned that the user version will be
going away in the future in favor of domain admin group.

    With the latest CVS snapshot I have domain admin group working just
fine, apparently I came in too late for "domain admin users" to work
properly as it was broken by some updates.

David Secret
Systems Administrator
Kearney Development Co., Inc.

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