Strange problem with icons!

Celso Kopp Webber webber at
Mon Jul 27 22:34:09 GMT 1998

    Hi again!

    I'm having a weird problem using a Samba
PDC and NT Workstations. Samba is configured
to enable roving profiles. Everything works
pretty well, except this:

    Suppose that a user logs on a workstation
called MACHINE-1, and creates a
shortcut in his desktop which points to a program
under \WINNT (say, cmd.exe). When he logs
off, the shortcut and the corresponding icon is
correctly saved to the user's profile
in the Samba server.

    If this user logs on MACHINE-2, all
his preferences (including the newly created
shortcut) are loaded, but when he tries to
access the previously created shortcut
by double-clicking on it, he is prompted
for a username/password pair for the
share \\MACHINE-1\ADMIN$.

    The only way to go on is to type
"admin" as username and a blank

    I've noticed also that the system
directory, \WINNT, is exported
by default under NT as ADMIN$
(a hidden share).

    I couldn't notice anything
suspicious in the logs, also.

    Being frustrated by this, I've quickly
setup an NT server machine (blarghhh!!!),
and this problem simply doesn't happen.

    Has anyone had this problem? My
smb.conf file is available under ,
so that I could make this looonggg message
a little shorter ;-)

    TIA again,


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