WFW 3.11 & Samba NTDOM

Craig Sawyer do_sawye at
Wed Jul 15 21:29:25 GMT 1998


I am having a problem with WFW 3.11 and logon/logoff problems on my samba
server(Debian Linux).  Logging on, the login script works just fine, and my
drives get mapped, but when I Logoff(using logoff.exe), and then logon
again, the login script doesn't work.  It appears to be calling the login
script( it says "now processing login script"), and the dos window pops up,
but it never does anything, and it just sits there.  It does eventually
time out, but it never maps the drives(but it does say "you logged in
successfully", even if you hit the cancel button on the WFW login script).

I am not really familiar with how WFW and the NTDOMAIN stuff works,
Craig Sawyer
CIS Department
Yuma Union High School District #70
(520) 726-7268

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