NT4/SP4beta more info

Tim Winders twinders at SPC.cc.tx.us
Wed Jul 15 20:15:25 GMT 1998

Well, I have tried some more things, to no avail...

I changed the DOMAIN from SPC to the workgroup SPC on the NT workstation.
I received a welcome to the SPC workgroup message, restarted and still
couldn't get to the Samba server.  I tried to change back to the SPC
domain and got a message saying the domain controller can't be found.  So,
I joined an NT4 Domain (STUDENT) and it worked just fine.  Restarted and
still can't get to the Samba server.  My 95 workstation can join the SPC
(Samba) domain without problems.

Unfortunately, I didn't make the SP4 install uninstallable and I can't
install SP3 becuase a newer service pak is already installed.  I guess I
have been "microsoft'd"...

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