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Geza Makay makayg at
Mon Jul 13 06:02:33 GMT 1998

At 04:50 PM 7/12/98 +1000, you wrote:
>	I am not from the list so please reply to all.. And sorry if this has
been brought up before...
>	I had a look on the web site and saw an exploit or
slight security hole for Samba or Windows file sharing.. I did a test on
the site and it did report shares available from my machine. I have noticed
that it only reported shares which had the browesable=yes option in my
smb.conf file.
>	Is there a way that Samba could run through the TCP wrappers or any other
way to protect Samba from outside intruders?

Look at the "hosts allow" option in the smb.conf manual page. It does work
for me.

I hope this helps,


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