domain admin users / samba wins support/massive file transfers (fwd)

wass eran wasse at
Mon Jul 13 07:04:15 GMT 1998

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, Gerald Carter wrote:

> >         domain admin users =
> "domain admin users = username1 username2" (do these need top be
> separated by a comma?  I don;t remember right now ).

it works - but there is no way to add the global admin group to the local
admin group so I couldn't make myself  as a domain admin to have full
rights on the NT workstation i am logging into the domain from.
i even tried to lower the amount of users to 1 in smbpasswd (only me) so i
might be
able to run usrmgr on SAMBA and i could but i couldn't do any operations
on the domain ... i also tried a different tool to administer domains
called "hyena" [which is much better than usrmgr - if it can help you with
the samba project i would be glad to send it to you] but i got the same

> These three paprmeters are going away in the near future.  And be
> replaced by a more manageable solution to NT <-> unix username / group
> mapping

i'm very glad to hear about that !

> <snip>
> > but the problem is that the transfer always stops on CRC errors - each
> > time on different files... :(
[i had a problem here transfering a lot of files in one copy from samba
share to local NT4WKS harddisk - i was copying the slackware linux dist.]

the errors don't seem to be CRC - but i upped debug lev. to 20 and i saw
the copy just stops because smbd gets a SIGPIPE and quits the copy,
is this because smbd fills the client's buffer too fast and the client
sends the smbd a sigpipe and the smbd doesn't know how to handle it ?

> Might want to update the source tree.  Let me know if you need another
> tarred and zipped version of the tree.

i sure wish you had a url with the tgz of the latest alpha/prealpha
version (same as cvs) - a script can be cron'ed to do it i'm sure ....

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