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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Jul 10 16:15:54 GMT 1998

Ken Stone wrote:
> Hmmm, I have the latest cvs bits and there is no mention of "domain 
> users" in smb.conf.5 and the cifsntomain.txt was last touched in Jan 
> 1998 and does not cover and of the real NT domain participation 
> topics ?

These tags will become obsolete in the future.  I just sent an
explanation of the parameters to the list about a week ago I think.

> and can find NO docs yet.  I just
> thought that was due to the "alpha" tag :-)

The original documentation in the smb.conf man page was lost when
BRANCH_NTDOM got merged into the head branch.  And yes alot of it is
due the alpha tag.

The main documentation for the moment is docs/NTDOMAIN.txt and the
on-line FAQ linked off the main page.

BTW...A note on the FAQ, I am updating it today to include a wqorkaround
for printing to a Samba PDC as well a solution to using a value for
"logon path" that dopes not use the %U ( or %u ) macro.

Will be there in a few hours on the maion site.

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