pls help

Elijah L. Wright elw at
Fri Jul 10 05:43:56 GMT 1998

> Hmmm, I have the latest cvs bits and there is no mention of "domain users"
> in smb.conf.5 and the cifsntomain.txt was last touched in Jan 1998 and does
> not cover and of the real NT domain participation topics ?
> Am I missing something ?

*blush*  oops.  :)  i think you're right.  domain groups (in my very old
cvs tree....) is only referred to in NTDOMAIN.txt.... i think i probably
mostly intuited that it was in the docs from reading the list... i can
visualize the way domain groups looks on the smbconf man page, so that's
probably imagination.... :) anyway.....  =)


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