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Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Fri Feb 20 17:44:03 GMT 1998

> > Second, samba need to be able to communicate with others wins servers.
> wins services are nothing to do with browsing or domain services.  wins is
> like a dynamic version of dns, and nothing more.  a simple wins server can
> be written in 400 lines of code, excluding support libraries (linked
> lists, netbios routines).

Slight diversion...  A NetBIOS name space, from the point of view of a 
given machine, is the union of the local LAN and the assigned WINS server 
(well, we could get into B nodes, etc., but assume we're doing both 
broadcast and point-to-point).

Luke suggested that WINS was like DNS except that it was dynamic.  This is
only part of it.  DNS is hierarchical and distributed.  WINS is a flat
name space and may be replicated (MS has a scheme).  Also there is a big
difference between the static DNS and dynamic WINS.

Anyway, Luke was able to do multi-Domains on a Samba box.  I'm working on 
multi-WINS on a Samba box.  This would provide the ability to support 
multiple, disjoint NetBIOS name spaces on a single system.  For very 
large organizations (we have 200 DNS subdomains at the UofMn) this could 
be advantageous.  It also suggests possibilities for replication, 
distribution, etc.

More later...

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