Also no PDC found

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Feb 9 14:42:18 GMT 1998

Michel wrote:
> Well I did that, and modified it too :0080: as well... Still no luck
> (unable to locate the domain controller for this domain).
> Then, rather than using the system's tcpdump, I used tcpdump-smb.
> Then something frightning happened:
> The NT Wks queries for the PDC of the domain (or at least I think so),
> and then samba replies with:
> I shall not include the resource data but it involves all kind of stuff
> that has nothing to do with either elzas (the samba server) or quebec
> (the NT wks), including what looks like an ENTIRE arp table. And I can't
> believe 13k is a usual size for a query response ?
> Then tcpdump-sbm cores (and I even got the binary dist).

Can I ask a few questions?  

- What is the OS of the server?
- What compile flags are you using ( ie. -USE_ARCFOUR or any other ones
	added other than the standard ones defined in the OS section of
 	the Makefile )?
- Can you send me a copy of you smb.conf file?
- When is the last time you updated your source code ( ie. ran cvs 
	update -d -P )?

Need a little more information prior to wagering a guess.

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