Also no PDC found

Michel michel at
Mon Feb 9 15:00:07 GMT 1998

[regarding no PDC found by NT wks]

> - What is the OS of the server?

Linux redhat 4.2, 2.1.49 kernel (with PAM)

> - What compile flags are you using ( ie. -USE_ARCFOUR or any other ones
> 	added other than the standard ones defined in the OS section of
>  	the Makefile )?

Only the standard ones together with:

> - Can you send me a copy of you smb.conf file?

Sure, included below.

> - When is the last time you updated your source code ( ie. ran cvs 
> 	update -d -P )?

I grabbed the 18p2 dist from the ftp server recently, and built that (after
uninstalling the RPM for samba that already came with 4.2, and verified
that it was actually gone).

> Need a little more information prior to wagering a guess.

I understand. Hope this provides more (together with the emails that
have already been sent).


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