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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Dec 31 03:29:08 GMT 1998

Max Wheatley wrote:
> The big thing I found out though was the length of the machine name
> woodstock exceeds 8 characters ..... maybe that is why smbpasswd -a -m
> woodstock, would not or could not write the password field ... Changed
> machine name to marica and all is OK.

This is not a problem for smbpasswd but is a problem for 
some unix's as they don;t allow usernames longer than eight 
characters in /etc/passwd.  Machine names follow the standard 
rules for NetBIOS names ( <=15 alpha numberic characters plus 
a few others)

> I then spent some time sorting out profiles ..... Much confusion. 
> I have the users profile in their home directory\profile. For 
> the moment this seems to work, but can't see how. A few 
> words of enlightenment may help.

The logon path default is \\%L\%U\profile which places this 
is the user's home directory.  You get roaming profiles with 
the Samba PDC support by default.
> I got login scripts to work.


> I haven't checked polices yet as i have a problem.

They function as well.

> I read the bit about "domain admins" in the "FAQ for 
> Samba NTDOM PDC support" paper. I followed that example 
> and set it up, the only problem is testparms chokes on 
> the "domain map group" & "local group map". When
> I use SWAT and look at the "full" view it shows:
>            domain admin group =
>            domain guest group =
>            domain admin users =
>            domain guest users =
> .... did I miss something here ????

The NTDOM FAQ is for the latest CVS code which branched 
from 2.0 in order to allow continued development.  The 
branch was necessary to stabilize the 2.0 release.
That's the way things work.  There is one development 
tree which the releases are branched off near the 
release date.

The CVS version (see Q2.1 of the NTDOM FAQ) contains the 
cutting edge PDC support.  There is PDC support in 2.0
but it is not the latest.  If you choose to stay with 
2.0, use the "domain admin users" and "domain admin groups"
parameters.  Each takes a list of usernames similar to 
the "valid users" parameter.

If you go with the HEAD brnahc (obtained via CVS), then 
use the examples from the  NTDOM FAQ.

I will go back and note the distinction between the two
tonight if I get a chance.

> One last little question, in beta4 smbmount doesn't 
> compile "out of the box" no more, do I need to modify 
> the make file ? or is there some reason why I don't need 
> it no more ??

The smbmount with Samba is for linux kernels 2.1.something 
and higher.  You'll need to run 

	./configure --with-smbmount

to enable compilation on the smbmount binaries.

Hope this helps,
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