Help with NT domain

Max Wheatley max at
Wed Dec 30 07:34:20 GMT 1998

Hi Guys

I am trying to upgrade my Samba server to become my PDC.

I have upgrades to 2.0.0beta4, got rid of "plain passwords"

I have been running Samba for a while with no problems.

I have NT server running as a PDC in another domain to compare with etc.

Now having been caught out with smbpasswd once I am worried.

I think I have created a machine account on my samba PDC:
]:LCT-36872AA0:Max Wheatley
]:LCT-36881F23:Cheryl Wheatley


The machine name is woodstock ( tried upper and lower ) and the password
is set to woodstock ( lowercase only ).

Hows that look ???

When I try to add my NT workstation to the Samba domain I get the
following message in my samba log.
[1998/12/30 17:00:41, 0] smbd/reply.c:session_trust_account(395)
  session_trust_account: Trust account WOODSTOCK$ only supported with
security = user

Thanks in advance

max at
max.wheatley at

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