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Tue Dec 29 17:00:17 GMT 1998

Chad Cunningham wrote:

> Does anyone have a smb.conf file for an NT PDC setup I could look at?
> I'm a bit confused about how this needs to be set up. Specifically
> with the security= directive. I'm not sure how this works. All the

        workgroup = INEAB
        security = server
        password server = milou idefix
        preferred master = no

> users on our NT machines have accounts on the UNIX machine that will
> be running samba. Can samba use the same passwords for both the unix
> box and the NT machines? Do I have to have two password files, or can
> I use /etc/passwd for both?

Use pam_smb for this. Here is an extract from my file


auth       required     /lib/security/
auth       required     /lib/security/
auth       required     /lib/security/


auth       required     /lib/security/ item=user
sense=deny file=
/etc/ftpusers onerr=succeed
auth       required     /lib/security/
auth       required     /lib/security/
account    required     /lib/security/
session    required     /lib/security/

> What would be really nice is if when an account was created on the
> unix box, they would then have access to log in on the NT machines.
> Is this a dream, or do I have to create a samba account for everyone
> as well?

Put an asterisk in the /etc/passwd file for the user. This will forward
the authentication
to the named NT server (see smb.conf)


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