smb.conf example

Chad Cunningham ccunning at
Tue Dec 29 15:47:50 GMT 1998

Does anyone have a smb.conf file for an NT PDC setup I could look at? 
I'm a bit confused about how this needs to be set up. Specifically 
with the security= directive. I'm not sure how this works. All the 
users on our NT machines have accounts on the UNIX machine that will 
be running samba. Can samba use the same passwords for both the unix 
box and the NT machines? Do I have to have two password files, or can 
I use /etc/passwd for both?

What would be really nice is if when an account was created on the 
unix box, they would then have access to log in on the NT machines. 
Is this a dream, or do I have to create a samba account for everyone 
as well?

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