alert: primary groups must be domain groups

Greg Dickie greg at
Fri Dec 11 21:19:58 GMT 1998

Just curious...

same config. in terms of /etc/group, NIS, NIS+, LDAP?


On 11-Dec-98 Michael S. Hulet wrote:
> Didn't help me but for what it is worth;  I took the samba source code I
> was using on my DEC Alpha 4.0d machine and re-compiled it on a Linux 5.0
> machine.  Same smb.conf file and map files.  Works fine on the Linux box
> except it says my password has expired.  I am even an administrator again.
> We used gcc 2.8.1 on the Alpha and gcc on the Linux box.  Do you
> need any entry in,, and or can
> be empty?  If you give me specific entries for each of these
> files and what the entries should be in my unix group file; I'll try that
> in case my map files are messed up.
> On Sat, 12 Dec 1998, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>> sorry for the duplication (again).
>> just noticed something, and its significance.  a users' primary group can
>> only be a domain group.  it _cannot_ be set to an alias (e.g
>> Administrators, Account Operators etc).
>> could those people having "recursion" and 100% cpu usage difficulties
>> please check that all their users' primary groups are not in a unix group
>> that maps, using an entry in "local group map", to an alias?

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