trust accounts

Daniel Fonseca daniel at
Thu Dec 10 10:43:38 GMT 1998

On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, Mick Haigh wrote:

> Using today's CVS source, trying to log in from an NT machine I get a
> lot of lines in the logs saying
> trust account MACHINE_NAME$ should be in DOMAIN_GROUP_RID_USERS
> Any ideas what I've done wrong???

Done wrong? Not reading the previous messages on the list :-)

>From Luke's message, some 3 mails ago:

in Re: Log messages...

>NT systems expect trust accounts to be in the well-known domain group
>"users", this is the default.  i don't really want to "enforce" it by
>"fixing" the group_rid to 0x201 or whatever, but i put that log message
>there to remind me that it's still an issue to be resolved.

Hope to help,

Daniel Fonseca

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