trust accounts

John Burchett johnb at
Thu Dec 10 04:09:37 GMT 1998


someone else wrote with this one... look for the message 'Log
messages'., or here's the hint - put the special 'machine' account in
the group 'users'. That's where NT expects it to be... w/o the quotes
(duh) lol
-john burchett

Mick Haigh wrote:

> Damn - it.  Tried to send my vcard again.  Here's the contents of my
> last message.
> ---
> Hmmm - obviously I've missed something somewhere along the line.
> Using today's CVS source, trying to log in from an NT machine I get a
> lot of lines in the logs saying
> trust account MACHINE_NAME$ should be in DOMAIN_GROUP_RID_USERS
> Any ideas what I've done wrong???
> Mick

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