Access Controls for Swat ?

Ken Stone ken at
Thu Dec 10 01:03:53 GMT 1998

Ok, so there is no way to select which users can access it ?  It would
appear that anyone with an account/password on the samba/swat server can 
access swat ?

Guess thats ok ... I'll have to consider it a bit.

  -- Ken

> > which looks like its paying attention to a hosts allow/deny config but I
> > have no idea how to set it up and can find no docs :-) ??
> SWAT has the following access controls:
> 1) passwords
> 2) it obeys the global smb.conf "hosts allow" and "hosts deny" settings
> 3) it's launched via inetd so you can easily use tcpwrappers if you
>    want to
> Note that if you change the "hosts allow" and "hosts deny" settings
> from within SWAT then it is _very_ easy to deny yourself access! Then
> you need to fix it by hand editing smb.conf.
> Jeremy, want to add this to the SWAT man page?

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