How do you make a domain admin?

John Burchett johnb at
Wed Dec 9 23:43:40 GMT 1998


cool, now my Domain user map will actually work. I didn't notice the '=' in
those lines, you might check the man page, because it doesn't mention equal
signs. Now I can login as Administrator (mapped to root), but there are still
two Administrator groups, and I'm in only one of them

also note, when I click on 'Domain Admins', USRMGR goes *boom* for some
reason, and when I click on a user to get profile info, I get a long wait
followed by 'remote procedure call failed'. I assume this means that
displaying profile info isn't supported yet?

one last thing, I have tried using the CVS as shown on the web site, but
somehow I keep getting old code that is dated a few months back, and it's the
alpha (not beta) version!? Where can I get the latest code? I've been looking
on Is that the place?

thanx again for the help,
john burchett
johnb at

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

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> On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, John Burchett wrote:
> > Luke,
> >
> > I am having trouble setting up an admin account. Samba is my PDC, NT my
> > client, and I can now successfully log in as several users, including
> > 'root'. However, when I go to the User Manager and try to view user
> > profile information, it tells me 'access denied' - also for other admin
> > stuff like certain options on the NET command. These are the measures I
> > have already done to setup an admin
> >
> > domain admin group = root
> this option is no longer in samba 2.1 pre-alpha.
> > domain user map = ... file which contains
> >     adm    Domain Admins
> >     root    Administrators
> you need:
> domain group map = ... file which contains
> adm="Domain Admins"
> and:
> local group map = ... file which contains
> wheel="Administrators"
> and:
> domain user map = ... file which contains
> root=Administrator
> private/smbpasswd file which contains
> root:.....
> NOT, repeat NOT:
> administrator:....
> then in /etc/group, any users that you want to be local administrators
> must be in wheen, and anyu users that you want to be domain admins must be
> in adm.
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