How do you make a domain admin?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Dec 10 00:15:53 GMT 1998

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On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, John Burchett wrote:

> luke,
> cool, now my Domain user map will actually work. I didn't notice the '=' in
> those lines, you might check the man page, because it doesn't mention equal
> signs.

dit(bf(domain group map (G)))

The map file is parsed line by line.  If any line begins with a tt('#')
or a tt(';') then it is ignored.  Each line should contain a single UNIX
group name on the left then a single NT Domain Group name on the right,
separated by a tabstop or tt('=').  If either name contains spaces then
it should be enclosed in quotes.
The line can be either of the form:

tt(  UNIXgroupname	\\DOMAIN_NAME\\DomainGroupName )


tt(  UNIXgroupname	DomainGroupName )

> Now I can login as Administrator (mapped to root), but there are still
> two Administrator groups, and I'm in only one of them

you used the files i sent you verbatim?  thin is root in both the adm
_and_ the wheel /etc/group file

> also note, when I click on 'Domain Admins', USRMGR goes *boom* for some
> reason, and when I click on a user to get profile info, I get a long wait
> followed by 'remote procedure call failed'. I assume this means that
> displaying profile info isn't supported yet?

no it does not mean that displaying profile info isn't supported.
> one last thing, I have tried using the CVS as shown on the web site, but
> somehow I keep getting old code that is dated a few months back, and it's the
> alpha (not beta) version!? Where can I get the latest code? I've been looking
> on Is that the place?

check out in a totally new directory do not use an old or pre-existing

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