cimadomo hervé Herve.Cimadomo at imag.fr
Tue Dec 8 12:27:54 GMT 1998

	using samba2.0beta2, i try to use current branch but my "MACHINE.SID"
is renamed in ".SID". I presume (my domaine is ADELE) i would have
I remarqued too that (i compile whith default ) when i specify -s
/u/share/samba/lib/smb.conf in inetd.conf or inline, the private
directory is /u/share/samba/private (this directory never apair  in
This bug is already in samba2.0beta2.

thank for response and "bravo" for your work.

Herve Cimadomo			Email: Herve.Cimadomo at imag.fr
ACTIMART, bat 8, avenue de Vignate
38610 Gieres
tel :

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