HOW TO join to NT domain

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Dec 8 14:05:52 GMT 1998

Roman A. Dorokhin wrote:
> How it is possible to join to NT domain?
> smbpasswd -j domain
> receives the following message:

- Did you create a machine account on the PDC for the Samba box?
- Did you set the 
	workgroup = <DOMAINNAME>
	security = domain
	password server = <NetBIOS name of PDC>
  in smb.conf?
- What version (date of CVS code or Beta release of 2.0) 
are you using?

> Ii is written in your help that it is possible for machine to join the
> domain when write access is installed in NT on SAM database. How can I
> install write access on NT server?

Did you follow the instructions in docs/textdocs/DOMAIN_MEMBER.txt?

In order for a Samba-2 server to join an NT domain, you must first add
the NetBIOS name of the Samba server to the NT domain on the PDC using
Server Manager for Domains.  This creates the machine account in the
domain (PDC) SAM.
Assume you have a Samba-2 server with a NetBIOS name of SERV1 and are
joining an NT domain called DOM, which has a PDC with a NetBIOS name
of DOMPDC and two backup domain controllers with NetBIOS names DOMBDC1
and DOMBDC2.
In order to join the domain, first stop all Samba daemons and run the
smbpasswd -j DOM -r DOMPDC
as we are joining the domain DOM and the PDC for that domain (the only
machine that has write access to the domain SAM database). If this is
successful you will see the message:
smbpasswd: Joined domain DOM.
in your terminal window. See the smbpasswd
man page for more details.

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