Issues in head branch

Michael Stockman pgmtekn at
Fri Dec 4 21:35:58 GMT 1998


I've got a CVS image tonight (1998-12-04) and had some problems with
it: I could not start nmbd. Checking the logs led me to believe that
get_member_domain_sid could have something to do with it, which seems
to be wrong. This is due to an error in the DEBUG statements in
lib/sids.c, function get_domain_sids:

if( !cli_connect_serverlist(&cli,servers) )
  DEBUG(0,("get_member_domain_sid: unable to initialize client

The message should probably be:

  DEBUG(0,("get_domain_sids: unable to initialize client

When I had found this I was able to trace the call back to
pwdb_initialize (lib/util_pwdb.c), which will **ALWAYS** call it as it
is called with is_server = False from main (nmbd/nmbd.c). As my server
isn't supposed to use another password server (I've got noone) this
call fails, which in turn terminates nmbd.

After having started nmbd, I'm sorry to report that user lists in
USRMGR and today also serverlist in SRVMGR doesn't work under W95. I
can however connect USRMGR in low-speed and see the properties of
users and groups. I have got no further details at this moment, but
SRVMGR fails with an "Internal NT error occured" and USRMGR with a
"RPC call failed".

Best regards,
  Michael Stockman
  pgmtekn-micke at

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