[CVS MAIN BRANCH] laborious task, any volunteers?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Fri Dec 4 23:13:54 GMT 1998

there are 43 calls to cli_nt_session_open() and 43 calls to
cli_nt_close().  as r.s.i is beginning to hit badly, does anyone want the
simple but laborious task of:

- checking out the latest cvs MAIN branch in a completely new directory,
DO NOT specify a tag, NOT EVEN any tag, NOT EVEN SAMBA_2_0.

- removing nt_pipe_fnum from struct cli_state
- adding a uint16* fnum to cli_nt_session_open() as a 3rd argument
- adding a uint16 fnum to cli_nt_session_close() as a 3rd argument
- adding a uint16 nt_fnum as a local stack variable to all the places
where cli_nt_session_open() and cli_nt_session_close() are called.

- use cvs diff -u source/ > foo or diff -r -u source-old/ source/ > foo
and send me the output as a patch file.

if you are happy to do this, and there are more than one of you, please
decide amongst yourselves on the samba-technical list, i will be back on

thank you!

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