Beta 2 on HPUX and other problems ...

Ken Stone ken at
Wed Dec 2 22:15:51 GMT 1998

> This *has* to be oplocks. Turn off oplocks on that
> share and the problem should go away.

Yes !!!!  I had "fake oplocks = yes" & "oplocks on by default"
I turned off fake oplocks ... problem still there, turned off oplocks
all together ... problem gone !!

Thanks a bunch.

> Note that IRIX has added a kernel fix for this oplock
> problem with 2.0 running on IRIX 6.5.2f and above -
> opens from UNIX clients or via nfs will break Samba oplocks.
> The interface is an fcntl one and is supported by
> Samba. Let me know if the HPUX kernel team are interested
> in supporting it in a future HPUX release.

I can only wish .... I haven't seen anything as useful as samba on anyone's
priority list :-( .... they would tell me to use AS/U or more likely to
switch everything to NT :-)

Thanks again !!

  -- Ken

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