Samba 1.9.19pre-alpha as NT domain Client

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Thu Aug 20 16:48:43 GMT 1998

(sorry about that last truncated message - finger trouble
on the send key :-).

Gerald Carter wrote:
> > As a side note, if there is a user account in the resource domain,
> > and a user account in the ACCT domain, (and the user is logged into
> > the NTworkstation as ACCT\uname), which account does the samba server
> > try to authenticate?
> Good question?  Jeremy?  Luke?

The CVS code forwards both the Domain and the user name
to the remote PDC/BDC - exactly as NT does. So if the Samba
server is in the resource domain, and the resource PDC trusts
the account PDC then the authentication should be done in
the account domain. I haven't got a complex domain setup
here at SGI (but the IS people are building one) so I can't
test it at present - but be sure that SGI will be eating
my dogfood (to use a Microsoft phrase) once we have it set
up :-).

Having said that, the name still (at present) has to map
to a UNIX username on the local Samba server. 'Applience'
mode should fix this though.



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