Samba NT Domain - NT login crash

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Tue Aug 18 09:10:15 GMT 1998

Hi Ignacio,

Just to confuse matters a bit more... :-)   

I experienced exactly the same behaviour on my Slackware 3.4 server,
but *not* on a Red Hat 5.1 server.  I subsequently tested it on various
hardware & software combinations and concluded that the only platform
that does not crash the Windows clients is RH 5.1 -- I still have to
test Solaris though.

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On 14 Aug, Ignacio Coupeau wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm testing the latest CVS I have (980810). I'm very confused because I
> can log at first time __if and only if__ the netlogon and profile
> directories are empty; the second time the logon becomes in a pretty
> blue screen. After the first logon, the profile is created by the WS,
> and the NTuser.DAT too, but the follows logons becomes in a crash.
> If I make a copy of the policy and/or profiles, smb.conf, smbpasswd,
> etc. that runs in an other PDC (980722) in the new PDC, the logon also
> crashes. 
> Between this summer and the sunday I going to test carefully the
> problem, but is very odd. The problem is similar with the 4.2.  Does the
> RedHat 5.1 solve the problem?
> Some one obtains similar results?
> Andre Gerhard wrote:
>> Hello Ignacio,
>> I have read your posting in the Samba NT Domain List about
>> 'NT login crash' and I would like to know if you have found
>> a solution to this problem ...
>> After I upgraded my system yesterday (12/08), I started to get
>> exactly the same errors as you ... My system is a Pentium
>> running Linux RedHat 5.0. The O.S. of the clients is Windows NT
>> Workstation 4.0 (USA Version) with SP3.
>> Thank you for any help,
>> Andre Gerhard
>> Systems/Network Administrator
>> Universidade de Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil
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