username map and security=server problems

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Aug 12 15:04:05 GMT 1998

Christoph Doerbeck wrote:
> When I upgraded from samba-1.9.17p4 to samba-1.9.18p8, a feature
> which I had implemented broke.  In my smb.conf file, I defined
>         security=server
>         password server =
>         username map = /opt/samba/lib/
> This worked great!  My NT id is not like my Unix id, and this
> allowed me to connect to any service on the smb server with having
> to re-authenticate.

I think this is known.  Jeremy posted a patch right adfter the release
of 1.9.18p8.  Check the main samba list archives under "map username"

1.9.18p9 will be out soon if you want wait.

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