Can NT4.0 join SAMBA 1.9.18p8 Domain ?

Bernd.Tonn at Bernd.Tonn at
Wed Aug 12 08:46:25 GMT 1998


you might find my question a bit silly, but I'm very new in the SAMBA, UNIX
and NT business and perhaps I didn't understand everything ...

We are using SAMBA in the 'main branch version' 1.9.18p8 as a domain
controller. With WfG3.11, W95 and W98 everything is O.K., but we can't join
the SAMBA domain with NT4.0SP3 workstations ("Can't locate domain
controller for this domain" - in German; but to map ressources manually
works fine). In our SAMBA version it is not possible to run "smbclient -a
-m <machine name>".  I didn't run any traces so far. Because our UNIX guru
doesn't want to install any development versions in our production
environment,, here's my simple question:

Is it possible to join a domain controlled by an "Production-SAMBA-Version"
with NT 4.0 ?

With best regards

Bernd Tonn (Bernd.Tonn at

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