PDC password changes

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Aug 11 17:04:30 GMT 1998

Christian Kumpf wrote:
> does anybody have a cvs snapshot with the following things
> working:
> 1.) domain logins


> 2.) password changeable on the client side with the 
> Ctl-Alt-Del-Dialog

not implemented (see the NTDOM FAQ)

> 3.) server based profiles


> 4.) file and printer sharing (of course :-)

yes.  (see the NTDOM FAQ for printing notes)

> and optionally (minor importance)
> 5.) support for the domain user manager (it currently 
> simply crashes)

not implemented (see the NTDOM FAQ)

> 6.) samba/unix password synchronization

not implemented (see the NTDOM FAQ)  This support is for Win95 
clients.  NT users cannot change their password (except on the 
unix box of course suign smbpasswd )

> 7.) profile migration (i.e. the ability to move local profiles 
> to the server)

Not sure what you mean.  I know about moving profiles what what 
are you trying to do?

> 8.) support for Novells Netware Shell, actually the attempt to do
>    a domain login on a machine with the novell shell crashes the 
> client.

Known bug just not fixed yet.

> ...I have NTDOMAIN 

Not neccessary


Not implemented uncder NT clients ( see notes previously )

> defined in  the makefile and tried both unix password sync=yes/no
> in the config file.

Are you reading NTDOMAIN.txt or the online NTDOM FAQ (linked off the
main samba page)?  The FAQ is more up to date at the moment.

Hope this helps,
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