* NT Authentication on Linux Machine

Rich Graves rcgraves at staff.feldberg.brandeis.edu
Sat Aug 1 05:37:53 GMT 1998

On Sat, 1 Aug 1998, Harmony wrote:

> Hi, this seems to be a question asked before, but there's never
> been an answer.

I know it's in some FAQ or other.

> * My company is currently using Windows System as working environment.
>   (Server:WindowsNT4.0+SP3  Clients:Windows95)
>   Now I'd like to build an Intranet over Linux+Apache.  However, I'm
>   required to use NT Authentication for all restricted pages. 

Build Apache with PAM_Auth and get pam_smb or pam_ntdom.


 [any samba mirror] /pam_ntdom/ or /pam_smb/

If you want to use a form rather than Basic Auth, you could have a CGI
script test the exit status of

 smbclient \\\\pdc\\netlogon cleartextpass -U user -c quit

or something silly like that.


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