* NT Authentication on Linux Machine

Harmony harmony at glink.net.hk
Sat Aug 1 04:36:51 GMT 1998

Hi, this seems to be a question asked before, but there's never
been an answer.

My question is simple: 
* My company is currently using Windows System as working environment.
  (Server:WindowsNT4.0+SP3  Clients:Windows95)
  Now I'd like to build an Intranet over Linux+Apache.  However, I'm
  required to use NT Authentication for all restricted pages. 
  i.e. Users have to supply their NT network username+password in order
       to enter those restricted pages in Intranet.
       I need a program which inpects the correctness of the username/
       passwords against NT pdc database.
       e.g. # checkntpwd pdc_name nt_name nt_password    
              => output "fail" or "success"
  Any way to do that?  Thank you very much...


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