Problem with filenames

Viktu Pons Colomer is04797 at
Wed Apr 29 11:33:30 GMT 1998

Hi. I'm absolutelly new in Samba, and I've a big problem, but don't know
if it is a configuration problem.

I have a Samba PDC installed on a server which acts as anonymous ftp. In
the public directory of the ftp i have diferent programs for
installations, such as office, win95, and shareware programs.
My problem is when i try to install some of this programs. For example, I
have VisualC++ V5 in a directory called
and is configured in smb.conf as
path = /home/ftp/pub

If i install VisualC it works, but having Office97 in
when i try to run install.exe Nt Server 4.0 says it can't find install.exe
in \\SERVER\Masters\Win95\Suites\Office97\install.exe

It works in Win95, but not in NT 4.0 Spanish version.

And these are not the only examples, some programs installs and others

I have tried to copy the office's install.exe in /home/ftp/pub and then it

Any ideas? THANKS!!!

Viktu Pons Colomer
Col.laborador del Centre de Serveis Informàtics CSI
Department of Computer Science
Escola d'Enginyeria la Salle                    Telf:   07 972026
Universitat Ramon Llull                         E-mail: is04797 at
Passeig Bonanova,8                                      viktu at

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